Raspberry Pi as XBMC Mediaplayer

Last year I was looking for a good mediaplayer which was able to play all my video’s stored on my NAS. It has to play every (HD) video MKV, AVI….  After searching I found out the RaspberryPi, which can be used as XBMC media player.
You will need, a Raspberry Pi, a SD card with a min. 2GB of storage, a HDMI cable to connect the device to your TV, micro USB to USB with power adapter or connect it to a USB port on you TV, a network connection by cable or Wifi dongle and the most important one  OS,  my preferred image is OpenElec Image, because of the speed.
In the following steps below I describe my setup, which is currently running for quite a while without any issues at all. Even my wife likes it ;-)

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