Raspberry Pi as XBMC Mediaplayer

Last year I was looking for a good mediaplayer which was able to play all my video’s stored on my NAS. It has to play every (HD) video MKV, AVI….  After searching I found out the RaspberryPi, which can be used as XBMC media player.
You will need, a Raspberry Pi, a SD card with a min. 2GB of storage, a HDMI cable to connect the device to your TV, micro USB to USB with power adapter or connect it to a USB port on you TV, a network connection by cable or Wifi dongle and the most important one  OS,  my preferred image is OpenElec Image, because of the speed.
In the following steps below I describe my setup, which is currently running for quite a while without any issues at all. Even my wife likes it ;-)

  1. Download Win32 Disk Imager http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/
  2. Download the OpenElec Image for RaspberryPi (Diskimage)
  3. Extract the OpenElec image and apply it by using the Win32 Disk Imager to the SD card
  4. When finished applying the image to the SD card we can know connect everything.
    1. SD card in RaspberryPi
    2. Connect USB power
    3. Connect HDMI to TV
    4. Connect a Ethernet cable
  5. Turn it on!

Now we have it running, but how about the connection a NAS?

I my case I have a share named \\NAS\Multimedia with several sub-folder named Movies, TV Services, Photos & Music. One of the configuration files we need to edit is the sources.xml, in this file we will define where the media is located. I’m using the Multimedia smb share of my nas with access permissions for everyone so I’m not using any usernames and passwords.

  1. Download WinSCP and install it.
  2. Start WinSCP and logon to your RaspberryPi. Default crendentials are Username: root & password: openelec
  3. Look for the source.xml it should found in “/storage/.xbmc/userdata”, if not exist create a new one.xmbc_sourcesXML
  4. Example of source.xml contentxmbc_content_sourcesXML
  5. When saved reboot and you should be able to play you movies directly from you nas;-)xbmc_menu_screenshot

Currently I’m using the app “Official XBMC Remote/iOS” on my iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). For more information see http://wiki.xbmc.org.

Tip 1: Turn of RSS-feed to speed up the device a bit, go to: ‘Settings -> Appearance -> Skin -> RSS Feeds’ at disable it.

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