SCCM Queries

Always useful to have a list of frequently used SCCM queries so you don’t have to look for them. When created or found any useful ones I will add them as wel.

Install/Update Application
Use to update a specific version Adobe Reader, just the follow collection query.

Adobe Reader
Display all clients with a specific Adobe Reader version.

Systems without McAfee ePO
Usefull to automate McAfee ePO Agent deployments.

Systems without McAfee Virus Scan
Same as the previous on, to automate McAfee ePO Virus Scan deployments.

AutoUninstall Unused applications (Based on Software Metering)
Software with licenses can be expensive. By creating a query based collection in combination with a Uninstall, expensive software can be removed automatically when it isn’t used.

List All Add/Remove Programs (32 Bit)
Display all software, 32-bit, which is listed on all clients. When needed set a collection limit.

List All Add/Remove Programs (64 Bit)
Same as above only for the 64-bit version.

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