Delete AppSense Client from backend during SCCM Task Sequence

When reinstalling/refreshing system with AppSense Agents which are registered at the AppSense management server there are part of a specific configuration/deployment group. When AppSense Agents have to be upgraded by new version a new management group/config can set. The issue here is, when reinstalling a system the old AppSense config will be installed.
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BIOS Update and Config in WinPE with SCCM

My first blog, so don’t blame me for it ;-)

During a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 x64 with the help of SCCM 2007 of exiting machines a requirement was to upgrade all BIOS verions to the same level and set the BIOS config. AHCI or IDE cannot be changed after Windows is deployed to the disk. The only way is to preconfigure it before applying the operation system to the disk.
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